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We have written previously about force majeure clauses in the context of market disruption. The Specific Circumstances Identified in The Force Majeure Clause Are of Course Paramount. For example the federal environmental statute CERCLA defines an act of God to mean an.

An unforeseeable event or circumstance and Beyond the control of and without the fault or. Force majeure clauses in a contract supersede the common law doctrine of impossibility. Unforeseen events in a changing world ICC Institute of World Business Law Dossier XVIII 201 p. Exchange31 It need not surprise us that less attention was paid to the Dutch situation than. In our continuing review of legal issues relating to COVID-19 we expand a little further on. Drafting force majeure clauses in the era of climate uncertainty.

Some contracts may also contain a change in law provision which addresses circumstances. Aaron Bailey is an attorney licensed to practice in state and federal courts in Kansas. These factors may render most force majeure clauses of little help in the current crisis. Arising due to certain unforeseen circumstances in their businesses and whether COVID-19.

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